Red Ensign Group

What the client says

"We have been delighted with the service we received during the design and set up of the Red Ensign Group website. The Digital Design team understood what we needed and delivered a very effective website which is simple to keep updated and fresh. A pleasure to work with."

Dick Welsh - Director, Isle of Man Ship Registry, a member of the Red Ensign Group 


  • Attractive homepage with jurisdiction summary information
  • Custom design
  • News
  • Contact Form
  • Content Management System

The Red Ensign Group is a group of British shipping registers, comprising of thirteen member countries. These are made up from the United Kingdom, its Crown Dependencies (such as the Isle of Man) and its Overseas Territories, all of whom operate British Shipping Registers.

The current Red Ensign Group website, which was sponsored by PDMS and designed and developed by Digital Design, provides information about its member countries, news articles and a contact form.

The staff at the Isle of Man Ship Registry currently maintain all content on the website using the integrated content management system, and will be coordinating further development of the site with the Digital Design team in 2012.