Manx Graduates


  • Professional network for graduates and employers matches skills and vacancies in industry sectors
  • Employers can upload vacancies
  • Graduates can upload CVs

When the Isle of Man Government's Department of Trade and Industry needed a website to support their new initiative, 'Manx Graduates', they approached PDMS and Digital Design.

PDMS and Digital Design were asked to design and develop an online social network that would promote the Island's robust economy to graduates who were thinking about living and working here.  The Department of Trade and Industry were keen to have a website which enabled graduates to search for graduate-level positions on the Island, as well as allowing individuals to connect with friends, colleagues and employers.

Manx Graduates is powered by PDMS' Foundations software framework, which handles authentication and data transactions securely and efficiently. Using Foundations means the important parts of the system such as managing and sorting vacancies are reliable and are completed quickly.

Vacancy search results can be sorted by sector, type, tenure as well as by employer.  The website operates around a core social networking capability which has contributed to the user community growing rapidly.

Digital Design also created a distinctive logo and brand which neatly incorporates the Island's ubiquitous triskelion, with a modern twist.