Winter Workers use the Internet

posted on 06 December 2010 by Alice Thomas

As Britain thaws out from last week's heavy snowfall, trains, planes and automobiles are once again on the move, and only the most severely hit areas of Britain are still cut off.     

Woman In SnowAmong the numerous stories of roadside recoveries, of how the emergency services pulled together and community spirit saved the day, one story is demonstrating how technology was the hero of the hour.

According to  Ofcom, thousands of workers stranded at home, and millions taking significantly longer to get to work, were using the internet to connect with colleagues.  Nearly every home in Britain now has internet access and workers were using a multitude of tools; PCs, laptops, smartphones to send work and check emails - and even webcams to hold videoconferences from home, making sure that Britain's businesses kept working.

With today's news that the government is going to make a £830 million investment in a strategy called 'Britain's Superfast Broadband Future', which aims to provide superfast broadband for 'every community in Britain', and 40 rural communities have been identified as high priority, Britons should be well prepared to tackle anything the British climate can throw at us.

Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom said, 'It's important for the country that there are no further delays in the delivery of superfast broadband and next generation mobile networks.'