There's more that meets the logo

posted on 17 October 2014 by Laura_Faulds


When thinking about giving your business an identity, face lift or personality, it's very easy to think that all you need to do is 'get a logo' and slap it on everything you can think of - from business cards, invoices, websites, social media pages, compliment slips and more.

The truth is that this is precisely what you don't want to do and we're here to explain why.

A logo isn't just a logo!

If you're mind-set is that you need a logo just because you think you should have one, then you're logo design is going to end up very separate to the personality of your business. A logo needs to convey your business' voice, passion and purpose - it's a representation of your company and everything it stands for. So think really carefully about rushing into partnering your business with a mediocre logo, because it won't look right, and your customers will notice it too.

A logo needs to be consistent

A logo needs to be well thought out, and complement existing or future marketing materials. For example, if you're an expanding law firm with a strong affiliation with deep navy and baby blue colour tones in your marketing materials, you probably don't want to introduce a florescent yellow logo without redesigning your whole brand identity.

People will associate your business name with your logo

When you think of Coca Cola, Apple or Nike, what immediately comes into your mind? Their logo. So you can already see that a logo is not just a logo - it's the visual representation of your company and the first thing people associate with your business's name!

There's value in a good logo

Having a strong brand identity and therefore a logo, is incredibly valuable as it's an asset to your business. A well recognisable and trusted logo is a real benefit when standing out from your competitors.

A good logo will align itself with your target market

A good logo will resonate with your target audience - they need to like it, understand it and they need to be able to remember it.  This is why many brands will update or change their logo over time, to move with their target audience and help them identify with their brand and ultimately, what they are selling. Here's some examples:













Good logo design will save you £££s

Hiring a substandard designer to create your visual identity is a definite no if you're serious about your brand, as it simply won't be well thought out.  A professional designer will guide you through a conceptual stage before starting to draft some initial designs for you to review, and will take time to understand your business before they even put pen to paper. All good graphic designers will also make sure that your logo is totally unique to you - and not include clip arts or existing graphics to create your logo, which could land you in very hot water.

Good graphic designers will also take into account the flexibility and practicality of your logo. For instance, what it looks like on white paper, or in inverted colours with different versions depending on where you are using it. For instance, many brand use slightly different logo variations on printed materials than they do for their online materials.

So if you are looking to revamp or even create from scratch your corporate brand identity, why not get in touch about what we could do for you?