Launch of Manx Radio's Election 2011 Website

posted on 06 July 2011 by Alice Thomas, Marketing Executive, PDMS

Digital Design are delighted to announce the launch of Manx Radio's Election 2011 website: 

Manx Radio Election SiteThe Manx Radio Election 2011 website is a great one stop resource, providing Isle of Man residents with all the latest up to date information on the candidates and their campaigns in the run up to the House of Keys general election, which takes place on the 29thSeptember 2011.

The site has been designed to encourage Island residents to find out as much as they can about their potential political representatives. It aims to facilitate better interaction between candidates and their constituents with features such as 'Ask your candidate' page. Manx residents can submit their questions online directly to candidates and the candidate's responses will subsequently be published. Video and audio interviews with candidates will also feature on the site, giving people on the Island another way of finding out more about their candidates before they vote.

PDMS's Digital Design team developed the website using the sophisticated Umbraco Content Management platform and were able to get the site up and running in a very short time frame. As an essential local election portal, the staff at Manx Radio will be updating the site frequently and quickly and therefore it was important that they had control over their own content with a user friendly system.

A website feedback form has been incorporated into the website which allows visitors to the site to put forward their ideas for any additional information or features they would like to see added to the site. As the election date approaches the content on the site will grow to reflect the amount of election related news and activities and, the feedback form will help Manx Radio to optimize the site to provide the best portal for its visitors.

Manx Radio's Managing Director Anthony Pugh commented: 'We are thrilled that Manx Radio now has a definitive Election website to complement its on-air election coverage that will enable users to discover all they want to know about the candidates standing in this year's election. This valuable resource should also provide individuals with all the information they need to knowledgeably quiz candidates on their doorstep and to make the right decision on polling day. The clever design employed by PDMS provides for the site to be developed at each election so that it will grow to become the single most valuable election resource for the future.'

Chris Gledhill, PDMS Managing Director, commented that: 'PDMS are delighted to have worked with Manx Radio on this project. The election site is a fantastic source of information for the Manx Community and will hopefully help make it easier for all of us to engage with the Isle of Man election process.'

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