Domino's pizza & Foursquare success

posted on 13 July 2010 by Laura_Faulds

When it comes to pushing pizza sales online, the folks at Domino's are leveraging social networks to good effect.

The fast food company has attributed strong growth in online sales to its use of promotions on location-based mobile application Foursquare and social media after revealing a 29% surge in pre-tax profits to £17.5m.  It has reported a 29% surge in pre-tax profits to £17.5m, underpinned by  strong ecommerce sales which now account for 32.7% of overall UK delivered sales.

Domino's now has 627 stores in the UK, including the Isle of Man, and is after on track for a further 55 store openings this year.

In May this year, Domino's launched a nationwide promotion on Foursquare that encourages users to check-in at its outlets.

In a statement Domino's said it had "led the way with social media initiatives such as affiliate marketing, our superfans programmes and the development of a link up with Foursquare, the location-based social media site".

It added that its web-based activity had afforded it the dual benefit of "driving pizza sales" and "building customer loyalty".